About ITXM™

IT Experience Management™ Framework and Certification program aims to help IT departments bring end-user experience as the main outcome of IT

ITXM™ is developed by HappySignals Ltd together with industry experts and customers using their ITXM™ Platform serving the higher purpose of making more smiles and less time wasted in the IT work and by the IT end-users.

ITXM™ is developed as a crowdsourced effort, but to meet the main people behind it, meet Pasi & Sami.

Pasi Nikkanen

“Passion in creating IT Experience Management™ as the driver for IT Service Management.” Co-founder at HappySignals with past positions including member of IT Management Team at the largest Nordic IT company.

Sami Kallio

“My Mission is to help service management to deliver better services for employees.” Sami is the CEO of HappySignals, Employee Experience company and has +25 years of experience in digital services and service design and knows how to deliver services for customers.